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If you live in Round Rock or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further. Drs. Todd Murphy, Denise Murdock, and Roy Brenton Smith are licensed TX veterinarian, treating all types of pets. Your pets’ health and wellbeing are very important to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve.

Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness is a full-service veterinary hospital providing routine medical, surgical and dental care, as well as advanced surgical and rehabilitation and conditioning.  At Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness we also incorporate non traditional modalities, such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma, laser therapy, acupuncture, and herbal treatments.  We look at the whole pet and offer a complimentary approach which combines traditional veterinary medicine with alternative or integrative modalities.   Drs. Murphy, Murdock, and Smith have years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our Round Rock veterinarian.

We are happy to offer a number of resources that enable you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Please feel free to browse our site, particularly the informational articles. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential to the ongoing success of your animal’s health. If you have any questions, call (512) 388-1299 or contact us and we'll promptly get back to you. Our Round Rock veterinarian office is very easy to get to - just check out the map below! 

At Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

A smarter approach to wellness...

Exceptional veterinary medicine begins with a deeper understanding of a dog’s physiological systems. Veterinary medicine is often far too reactive, where pets are treated in a limited way once a health issue has become problematic. We take a far more holistic and proactive approach based on your pet’s unique situation. We integrate cutting edge medical tools and techniques along with research based alternative therapies to provide transformative capabilities in healing your pet and improving their health and happiness. This is a game changer. Because your dog deserves no less than the best.


The veterinary team you will find here is second to none. Our doctors have an incredible breadth of backgrounds – from minimally invasive surgery, to regenerative medicine, to physical therapy, to critical care, and more. Our mission is no less than to raise the standards of healthcare that dogs have access to. To build a brighter future where healing techniques are smarter and dogs can better avoid disease. Because when you look into a dog’s eyes, you see loyalty, trust, and love. And that love is deserving of fierce protection.


In the past, veterinary medicine has been far too enamored with a “one size fits all” approach. When you look at modern human medicine, the most successful techniques are highly targeted and based on an individual’s unique risk factors and biology. That is the approach we take here. Every dog who walks through our doors is seen, diagnosed, and treated as an individual. Every dog who walks through our doors receives incredible veterinary care. It is the way of the future. We’re bringing it to you, today.


If you have a dog, the next step is to give us a call. Our team will answer any questions you might have, and can schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you. During your dog’s appointment, we will carefully examine your companion’s different biological systems, and will ask you a bit about their history and lifestyle. If you have any concerns or goals, we will make sure to understand them and help. So just give us a call, and let’s get started.

Drs. Todd Murphy, Denise Murdock, and Roy Brenton Smith
Round Rock Veterinarian | Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness | (512) 388-1299

1800 Round Rock Avenue suite 100
Round Rock, TX 78681

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Todd Murphy

    I remember my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Clayton,asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up? 

    That was the easiest question of the day!  

    A Veterinarian.  

    I couldn’t spell the word yet, but I knew being a vet was what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I not only wanted to play with puppies and kitties all day, but more importantly, I wanted to help keep them happy and healthy.

    I have the most amazing job in the world! 

     Again, I get to go to work everyday and not only play with puppies and kitties but we get to do this while perform cutting edge medicine, surgery, regenerative, and rehabilitation and conditioning therapies available.  Everything you can image your MD doing, we can do that same procedure plus a little more, as we are not limited to one species, while having a lot more fun.

    Veterinary medicine is both an art and a science.  Knowing what to do to help our friends when they cannot tell us what is wrong is the biggest challenge yet it is also the most rewarding part of the job. 

    Going to work each day is not just a ‘job’, going to work each day is a passion each and everyone of us at SBVW has the privilege to do.

    Dr. Murphy is a 1995 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, completed an internship in medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, then pursued and completed a small animal surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia, and completed his Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. 

    Dr. Murphy has spent his professional career focusing on returning your pet to proper form and function through both traditional and non-traditional means. While advanced, specialty, surgical practice was the root of Dr. Murphy’s postgraduate training, early on Dr. Murphy learned the significance of physical medicine or rehabilitation and condition (analagous to physical therapy in people) at assisting his patients to quicker and more complete recoveries.

    Further exploration and training in the fields of complementary medicine to include acupuncture, photobiomodulation, aromatherapies, herbal and food therapies, and most recently regenerative medicine have allowed Dr. Murphy to look at veterinary medicine through a different lens.

     At SBVW, we look at the whole pet. We take a holistic approach to life, family, wellness, and prevention, and how can we use these non-traditional therapies to complement traditional practices with the ultimate goal of returning your pet to full form and function as quickly as possible. We integrate current, cutting-edge, research-based alternative therapies to help expedite or maintain your pet's health and recovery in a targeted and individualized treatment plan.

    Dr. Murphy is married with six kids, four dogs, a cat, seven chickens, two pot bellied pigs, three horses, and whoever else stumbles into the farm.

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  • Dr.
    Roy Brenton Smith

    School: Oklahoma State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, 1962.Special Interests: Feline medicinePets: In-home colony of very special felines.

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Read What Our Clients Say

    Dr. Todd Murphy with Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness saw my basset hound, Glory, with a hurt hind leg. He worked me in the same day I called. He was wonderful with her! I came to him after getting a first consultation at another vet who immediately wanted to do surgery on her. Dr. Murphy was not interested in jumping into surgery immediately, but suggested possible stem cell therapy which is better for such a young canine. He is extremely personable and clearly cares about your animal's wellness ra

    Lyndi T.

    We love Dr. Murphy! We would drive 200 miles to see him at another vet and I am so pleased to know he has moved closer to us in Round Rock. He has taken excellent care of my dogs. Performed miracles really! He is always readily available, even if your worried a little bit, he will text you to keep you updated. I highly recommend him and his caring knowledgeable expertise. No fluff, no unnecessary testing - just true care! Thank you Dr. Murphy for the emergency visit several weeks ago and tak


    Dr. Todd Murphy is a consummate professional, his knowledge of animals is obvious. What is a pleasant surprise ,when dealing with Todd, is that he has excellent people skills too. In the past, when I’ve dealt with vets they haven’t all been able to communicate with the people that love and care for the animals. Dr. Murphy has treated my daughter’s pet rabbit, he’s helped my husband and myself understand the disease that ultimately lead to us saying “ goodbye” to our beloved 14 year

    Miranda K.

    Drove all the way from Houston to bring my 4 dogs in for heart worm shots. Dr. Murphy is known to be knowledgeable, nice, and fair. I say fair because he takes your concerns into consideration while he is putting together a treatment plan. His staff is very very friendly and helpful. I love how bright and welcoming the clinic is and very clean.

    Andrea H.

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